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Your Smile Makeover with Lumineers

LumineersNeed a smile makeover? It's easier than you think!

Have you found that you're smiling less than you'd care to admit? It's not that you don't have reasons to smile, but showing off your teeth isn't something you are comfortable with. While you should never be afraid to show off your pearly whites, the team at Mekari Dental Studio and SPA understands that missing teeth, cracks, and dental disease can cause millions of patients to feel ashamed of their smile. They dream of the day they can get a complete smile makeover.

Smile Makeover: Know Your Options

Cosmetic dentistry can give you that instant smile makeover you've always wanted.

When patients come in asking about a smile makeover, they often assume that they will require expensive procedures that take some time to complete. While that may be the case for some people, that's not the only option available, especially when a patient's case is quite simple.

Cosmetic dentistry offers patients several options when it comes to getting the smile of their dreams. Some procedures include:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Veneers
  • Lumineers
  • Orthodontic Treatments
  • Teeth Shaping
  • Teeth Whitening, etc.

For those looking to fix minor issues with a non-invasive procedure, Lumineers are the perfect solution.

Why Choose Lumineers?

Lumineers are an alternative to traditional dental veneers, which often requires altering a patient's tooth's structure to get the best smile possible. When restructuring is required, patients often need some anesthesia to help make them comfortable through the procedure.

For those looking for a pain-free alternative, Lumineers can give you the smile makeover you've been dreaming of.

Lumineers are an ultra-thin veneer placed directly over your teeth without having to grind away at the existing tooth and require no anesthesia. These veneers are made from patented Cerinate porcelain and are highly resistant to both staining and chipping – ensuring your smile stays beautiful for years to come.

Lumineers Procedure: What You Need to Know

Attaining Lumineers is very simple. Typically, a patient will need to see their dentist twice: once to have impressions taken and again to have the finished product secured to your existing teeth.

During your initial visit, you'll have to have a mold taken of your teeth. These molds will then be sent to DenMat Labs, where their team will design your custom veneers. Once they are complete, they will be sent back to your dentist.

Once your dentist gets them back, you'll have your second visit, and they will adhere the veneers to your natural teeth. Since Lumineers are much thinner than traditional veneers, you won't need to have your natural teeth reshaped for them to fit.

Get Your Smile Makeover with Mekari Dental Studio and SPA in Metairie, LA

Lumineers are an excellent alternative for those looking for a non-invasive, pain-free smile makeover.

Have questions regarding Lumineers? Then simply call our office at (504) 888-1414, and we'll get them answered!